Everglades of Belgium

Here’s a quick comparison of average rainfall in Belgium versus south Florida.

The Belgium data is for the whole country, as listed on a tourism pamphlet … so it’s not definitive – and probably for Brussells, but it provides at least a nice ball park comparison.
Belgium’s rainiest month, on average, is August, with just under 4 inches. As for its lowest month? That’s hard to discern – an average of 2 and 3 inches falls every month.

That’s a big difference from the bimodal pattern in south Florida: around 8 inches during the summer months and around 2 inches in the winter months.

But hold the press!

There’s one spot it Belgium that rivals Florida rainfall with a whopping 55 inches of rain per year.

And don’t forget the difference in latitude in terms of sun strength.

That means that quite a bit more of that 55 inches in Belgium stays on and seeps down into the watershed, as opposed to the high evaporation losses in Florida.

It’s called the Hautes Fagnes (High Fens)

… and sometimes called the “Everglades of Belgium.”

By the way, some Belgians refer to the Everglades as the “Hautes Fagnes of Florida.”
More on the Hautes Fagnes later.

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