Everglades Seafood Festival

Don’t forget – if you don’t have plans already – that this week is the Everglades Seafood Festival.

It’s located on the eastern end of Collier County in what before 1960 was its county seat: Everglades City, Florida.

And if you are keeping track, it’s the 36th annual event.

By my count that makes the festival one year older than Big Cypress National Preserve, which just turned 35 in 2009.

How do you get there you may ask?

Head east from Naples on the Tamiami Trail.

There are lots of sites to see along the way:

Flow structures,

South Florida’s biggest trees,

Lots of open scenery.

At Carnestown you take a right on State Road 29 (at the giant Washingtonian palm trees) and head south to Everglades City.

If all you do is find a patch of shade to eat some stone crabs, you won’t be disappointed.

And remember: Be safe on the road.

Tamiami Trail on winter weekends is an assembly line of vehicles every size, shape, and speed you can imagine – out there chasing down their slice of American Pie.

Who could blame them?

There is so much to see … and eat!

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