Evergladorian rain year

While I haven’t come right out and disowned the “Gregorian Calendar,”

I do dissent to its use for aggregating yearly rain totals in the Everglades.

My reasoning is that the end of the calendar year falls flat in the middle of our winter dry season.

I prefer – and you can call it the “Evergladorian Calendar” instead – to aggregate the rain year from May (when the summer rains begin) to April (which is the final “pure” month of our dry winter half.

Not that we have winter in Everglades
(… other than the last two weeks!)

While I am not the argumentative type, I believe strongly that minority opinions should be voiced, even if in this case – among the aquatic community (and we number in the hundreds) – I can count on a hydrologic stamp of approval.

But to appease the masses – the other so-called 99 percent (although aren’t we all hydrologists at heart) – here’s the Everglades Gregorian rain plot, bar chart style, with the wet season months color coded blue.

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