Every “swamp year” counts!

How many years does it take to become a swamp expert?

Here’s a book that makes a convincing case for forty years.

What most people find out about the swamp is that the more you get to know it the more surprises it reveals. That leads me to believe that many of the swamp’s ancient riddles will go unanswered.

That’s a good thing.

Too often in life we search for answers not realizing that it’s the continual quest that makes it worthwhile. And more times than not we get sidetracked on secondary conundrums that detour our course further and further from that original goal.

“Actually,” come to think of it, “What was the original goal?”

The older I get the more I forget.

Not that the swamp cares.

The good thing is the swamp is always there …

Thus the quest continues!

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