Everyone’s a winner!

The water cycle can be fun!

We forget that.

The newspapers will have you believe that all is wrong with the water, that it’s flowing the wrong way, or afoul with the wrong stuff, or out of balance with how it once was.

Not that I don’t believe the papers – I do!

I read them all the time, and learn a lot from them.

(And thank the water gods for the internet. I get stories from up and down both coasts and every corner of the peninsula delivered right to my Google Reader.)

A colleague of mine back in my Arizona days of old, when I was first cutting my teeth in the profession, was continually expressing frustration about the newspapers:

“It’s a bunch of lies. Nothing but lies,” he would proclaim, paper in hand pointing to the headline sprawled across the cover.

Then he’d go on to explain further: “I’ve never read a story in the paper about something that I know well in which I haven’t found something wrong with it, or missing, or misleading,” capped off with a conclusive – “And that’s just the stories I know!”

By extrapolation, he applied that same skepticism to every story head ever read in a newspaper.

My gripe with the papers isn’t that.

What bothers me is what I call the “Tragedy of the Headline.”

A topic turns red hot for a day or two, and then it goes away. Weeks, months pass without another peep:

The issue lurks in silence.

And that’s just the issues that are reported. (I’m sure there are countless others that never make the press.)

The true story of course never sleeps; you just have to take a few extra steps beyond the printed page to find it. (And yes, it may involve getting your feet wet!)

Anyone who boats, or fishes, or pours a fresh glass of tap water over ice on a hot summer day knows that. The precious liquid stuff is out there in many forms … for us to both enjoy and safe guard.

The two go hand in hand.

That brings me full circle about how fun the water cycle can be:

It’s like fishing for ducks.

“Everyone’s a Winner” when you get your feet wet in the water cycle,

Or as they say in French – “Tourjours Gagnet.”

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