Exception proves the rule

Afternoon showers are the “summer staple” in the Big Cypress Swamp,

But we get morning clouds on occasion too.

They line up in a high-altitude boat brigade along the coast and are quite dramatic to see.

The condition develops anywhere along the coast where the prevailing direction of wind (on this day, up from the south) collides with the “towards the coast” blowing land breeze. The land breeze is the nocturnal twin counterpart to the “inward blowing” afternoon sea breeze. Miami is famous for its morning rains because the local “land breeze” and prevailing winds (Easterly Trades) so often collide head on, and additionally are supercharged over the Gulf Stream cauldron-hot current just off shore.

As big and billowing as they were,

We didn’t get a drop of rain on that particular morning.

Not to worry:

The sea breeze picked up the slack with 3.4 inches around 3 p.m. (as measured at the Ochopee rain gage). It can get pretty darn dark (with rain by the buckets full) underneath those puffy white billows!

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