Extras up my sleeve
If communication is key, so is creativity

Extras is actually a misnomer:

Whether it’s a podcast, watersh-editorials, a photo gallery, a narrated movie, a coffee-table (or tea if you prefer) friendly report or a power-point presentation, the driving force is communication.

Hydrology, like life, is a ladder you climb up

I could feed you boring prose until the cows come home, and you can find generic text on a topic all across the web. The purpose of Go Hydrology is to cut through the red tape and bureaucratic babble to deliver fresh water cycle right to your doorstep.

Or in other words, I may not know everything about the water, but I was brought up by dedicated if also imperfect parents (and, to be honest my older brother probably reinforced the point, only possibly trumped by my first boss, a brick and block mason, who reiterated the fact: “Whatever you do in life, produce a product.

So yes, there are more tricks up my sleeve, all driven by the mission of being constructive. Ideas that come to mind: Maps, timelines and diagrams are on my short list.

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