Face to a structure

I know a structure when I see one …

Even if it isn’t labeled with a name.

S-65E in October 2011

Click here
to read SFWMD’s bulletin
on water management actions
underway on the Kissimee

The photo above is the S-65E structure.

It’s the Kissimmee River’s last stop before it heads down into Lake Okeechobee. As you can see, it’s gushing at full capacity due to a heavy deluge earlier in October.

And there is more rain on the way!

S-65E during Fall 2008

When I was there back a few falls ago,

The scene was altogether more placid. The dam doors were closed and the lock was open for business, although while I was there no boats came through.

S-65E lock (right) and dam (left)
looking upstream

I almost gave up trying to find the structure. I had to park at a locked gate and walk the final mile. But like a person never forgets a face …

A hydrologist never forgets a structure.

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