Fall funk season

More proof of Florida Groundhog Day (i.e. Labor Day)?

Consider the peninsular affliction called Fall Funk.

This graph shows high and low temperature bands for Naples Florida and Boston Massachusetts.  Importantly, by highlighting traditional Groundhog Day and Labor Day, you can see the relationship between the Spring Blues and Fall Funk relative to the unique annual temperature cycles of each town.

Much more common is a similar seasonal malaise up on the Continent. It usually strikes in the weeks following traditional Groundhog Day, say in March (or even in April depending on how far north), when hopeful anticipation of long-overdue spring-like temperatures are repeatedly spoiled by the recurrence of a won’t-go-away-easy winter. Thus the fabled expression — and it’s real: Spring Blues.

Down in south Florida our seasonal bought of melancholia strikes in fall — or rather what’s supposed to be fall — in the 6-8 weeks following Labor Day. Part psychological part physiological, it’s as if all of a sudden the long summer finally catches up on us and starts dragging us down. The extra psychological baggage of having to worry about increased hurricane activity doesn’t help either, especially when the cones of uncertainty start to envelop.

The only know remedy to the fall funk is a cold front of course.

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