February’s second fiddle?

Second place never gets any respect.

Case in point is our chilly February.

January will go down in the record books as an 11-day “Freeze of Florida Freezes” (coaxing even ice to form in the Everglades),

Yet – day in and day out – February has been as consistently cold a month you’ll ever find on the south peninsula.

My eyeball estimate of the graph below makes this February the coldest in five decades,

Only bested in 1958 when February fluxomed the Fahrenheit to stay below 55° for 4 of its 28 days.

(Our record January freeze – in comparison – had 3 such days.)

I was in Gainesville (at the top of the peninsula) to welcome in of our most recent batch of cold air.

For a moment there – among the rolling hills, bare-branched hardwoods, and sub-zero nighttime lows – it had the look and feel of being up on the continent with two feet planted square in the heart of winter.

A few days later – back in Naples – I’m still wearing a fleece.

This February may not be the coldest,

But combined together with January …

It just could be Florida’s coldest consecutive months ever.

And second to none!

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