Fill ‘er up!

June rains have started …

But the swamp doesn’t re-fill in a day.

The above chart shows a frequency distribution of the duration in weeks from June 1st it took cypress domes to fill up to a 1.5 ft depth (as measured in the dome’s center) from 1991 to 2013.

So how long does it take?

A third of the time (as measured from 1991 to 2013), the swamp’s famed cypress domes are flush with water by June 1st, practically right out of the wet season gate.  And a full fifty percent of the time we can count on the domes being flooded to the outer perimeter, i.e. to the height of the ground surface of the marl prairies that surround them, by the middle of the month.

Then there are the years the wait goes on until July (2000 and 2011), even approaching August (1998).

A similar delay may be in order this year:

Extra rain will be needed to make up for the deep spring water table drop.

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