It wasn’t a question of “if,” but “when” …

And as of Sunday morning it finally came true:

Naples, Florida got its first “official” taste of fall in the form of a continental cold front, and yes, on the front end we also received a half inch of rain.

The metric that Morton Winsberg uses in his seminal book Florida Weather as the “first draft of cold air from the North is the first two consecutive nights that minimum temperatures drop below 60º F.”

That happened on Sunday and Monday mornings to fanfare all across town.

Our coldest October in recent memory was back in 2000.

Over half the nights on that millennial October dropped below 60º F.

On the other extreme was the “no show” fall of 1986 when the fine citizenry of the lower coast had to grit it out until early December for the consecutive sub-60 plunge.

This year’s October had a rather sweltering start to say the least. Night time lows were scraping up near 80º F for much of its early half.

Keep in mind that “Florida fall” (as defined by Winsberg) doesn’t “officially” start until “average annual” nighttime lows drop below 60º F.

That won’t happen in Naples until late November.

As for the rest of the week?

Get ready for more summer

The forecast calls for a return of 70 degree nights!

That’s okay, we got our two nights … that’s good enough for now.

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