Firefighters know ecosystems

Many fire fighters have asked me the question:

“Why are the canals all full but the ecosystem is so bone dry?”

Rainfall alone can longer
be relied on to save the swamp

The prescient question coincided …

With a meteorologist who specializes in drought sending me the video clip from Cape Coral below.

Take a look: WZVN News for Fort Myers, Cape Coral & Naples, Florida

As to my answer to the fire fighters.

I told them the era of thinking the swamp can take care of its water woes with direct rainfall is over. Its watershed has been crisscrossed with canals and cut off at its many headwaters in several spots.  The result is harrowing drops into drought and wildfire running roughshod through the fragile swamp.

The future of the swamp depends on us making good water management decisions to reconnect the swamp with its upstream headwaters and, wherever possible, replumb the legacy canal and levee infrastructure that drains the swamp unnaturally dry.  And yes, that could involve pumps, cleaning the water, filling in canals, putting in new culverts.

The swamp and all its flora and fauna deserve better.

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