First and last?

First the good news.

We finally got our first Big Rain Day of the wet season.

Now for the bad news:

It looks as though the dry season has begun. (article1) (article2)

Nicole was as much a Big Rain Day as it may be our Last Hurrah:

Night time temperatures have dropped down to 70° F (and below) ever since it passed.  More than anything its that milestone that marks the end of our regular summer rains, or what I think of as our “bread and butter” storms. Somewhat disappointing, most of the rain hugged the east coast instead of spreading out into the Everglades or Big Cypress. Miami-Dade ended the month with over 13 inches of rain. Compare that to a paltry 6 inches over on the southwest coast and 7 in Big Cypress Nat’l Preserve.

The chance at tropical moisture is still in play, but as for now …

The dry season clock has begun.

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