First day of fall, already?

Is it the first day of fall?

Did anybody else notice the nice dry air?

To me, it almost felt like the first day of fall.

The last day of spring felt like a “mini” first day of fall

The only problem is that summer wet season hasn’t started.

That must mean it’s the last day of spring, instead.

Yes, it’s still hot, but not tropical hot, yet, by humidity standards when the air sticks clammy to your skin. At least that’s been the case for the past week anyhow. Suffice it to say I’ve been enjoying it while I can because, as you can see from the temperature graph above, we have a long road of “hot and humid months” ahead until the first day of fall finally arrives.

That is, assuming Florida actually has a fall (my Merriam-Webster standards.) Questionable at best.

Long road ahead, long road behind
Panoramic view of Upper Wagonwheel (left) and Birdon (right) Roads

After all, Florida’s weather is divided in two, not four: as in summer wet season and winter dry season, with emphasis on “wet” and “dry.” I have lapses in the dead of winter warm spells where I momentarily forget what month we are in – “Is it August or February?” – and an unexpected shiver after a summer storm which leaves me reaching for a winter jacket instead.

Okay, not quite winter parka I’ll admit …

But you know what I mean.

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