Florida Groundhog Day?

Florida does have a Groundhog Day …

Only it doesn’t fall on February 2nd.

A groundhog-shaped cloud, as seen on a Florida beach, in early September

The reason? 

South Floridians would love for winter to last all year, it’s the summer (that reaches well into fall) that never seems to end.

Labor Day is Florida’s Groundhog Day equivalent

That thus makes Labor Day Florida’ Groundhog Day proxy.

Unlike up North where Labor Day signifies summer’s end and the reliable onset of crisp fall air, in Florida the first Monday of September only serves as a mid-summer reminder that there are still 6 more weeks of grueling hot and humid weather on the books (plus a heightening sense of anxiety about probable hurricane tracks) …

And that’s guaranteed, groundhog-shaped cloud shadow or not.

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