Florida Monsoons?
Are "wet season" and "monsoon season" synonyms?

Here’s an enigma of the swamp:

Why aren’t our summer rains called monsoons?

Florida’s sea and land breezes switches back and forth by day and by night

After all, India and the American Southwest have similarly distinct stretches of summer rains followed by a dry winter half. Wouldn’t it stand to reason that the “monsoon season” and “wet season” are just different names for the same thing?

Or are they fundamentally different?

India’s monsoon winds point inland all summer long

Answer: A “low-level” sea breeze feeds our summer downpours. It switches back and forth on a diurnal basis from a inland-blowing seas breeze by day to a coastward-blowing land breeze by night. Once the upper atmospheric low sets in place over the Indian peninsula it rules the sky all summer long. Or in other words – both day and night …

The Indian sea breeze blows uninterrupted inland all summer long.

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