Florida orange season begins!

Just like you never judge a book by it’s cover,

Never judge a Florida orange by the outside appearance of its peel.

Florida-grown Red Navel Oranges

Florida oranges do not have California good looks,

But then again I’ve never bought an orange to eat the peel.

The Navel Oranges are the first oranges to arrive on your local green grocer shelf.  Not too far behind is the Sunburst Tangerine.  They are billed in the literature as “easy peelers with few seeds.” My hands-on research revealed the former to be true — easy peeling indeed — but as for the latter I was spitting out as many seeds as I was eating tangerine.

Total seed count was forty four.

That’s a lot of seeds!

To review:

While you should never judge a Florida orange by the cover,

Counting the seeds is a great way to hone your math.

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