Florida’s coldest town

Is Key West Florida’s coldest town?

That’s what a recent article in the Ft Myer’s News-Press might lead you to believe.

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It only experienced 28 consecutive days an average high temperature of 90° F or more in comparison to 130 for Ft Myers and 108 for Naples.

(It’s unclear from the article whether that’s for last summer, or a multi-year average.)

While 28 days may only seem like an awfully short summer, a closer look at the data paints the picture of a much longer season: Islanders can plan daytime highs rising at or above 85° F from May to October,

And even more alarmingly:

Night time lows stay perched above the dreaded 70° F mark for 7 straight months of the year from April to November.

Was this Ft Myer’s coldest winter on record?

Almost, 1978 was colder by 0.6° F.

You can find out more in this NOAA newsletter.

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