Florida’s famous toucan

Funny how towns grow and distances shrink:

what used to be on the outside is now on the inside looking out.
Back in the day, Naples Zoo used to lie in a tucked away corner on the outskirts of town.
Now it’s in the center.

That especially applies to Naples famous toucan.

Its original roost — for the first few decades of its existence — was a half mile down the road from its current perch, and up high off the ground — about 20 ft up — overlooking the motorists puttering along southwest Florida’s main drag: Tamiami Trail.

Actually, it was the motorists looking up at the toucan, not the other way around.  
It’s beak pointed them “off the beaten path” to the zoo just a few blocks down.
A few decades and one sign ordinance later, now it has a new roost inside the zoo.
Not a bad fate for Florida’s famous toucan.  

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