Florida’s “freeze” history

An “impact” freeze …

“Is a freeze so severe that it annihilates entire groves across the state, killing both mature and young citrus trees, while causing a profound economic impact on the citrus industry and usually prompting growers to replant farther south …”

As defined by Florida Citrus Mutual.

Florida has suffered through 6 impact and 9 other major freezes over the past 18 decades.

The first – in 1835 – moved commercial citrus growers out of south Georgia and exclusively into Florida terrain …

The rest have progressively moved groves farther south.

The most devastating freezes are felt when consecutive freeze cluster together in a single year or over consecutive years.

That was the case in the 1890s and the 1980s.

Where does our most recent freeze rank?

Here in Naples it wasn’t as cold as the “major” freezes of the 1980s,

But “up peninsula” it may have been a different story.

And it begs the question …

How much farther south can growers go to escape the frost?

Florida is a peninsula you know!

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