Florida’s frosty thaw

Frosty the Snowman is starting melt up north.

That means that alligators are starting to dethaw in Florida.

They don’t actually dethaw – (and remember, never approach an alligator in repose, no matter how docile in may seem – they are dangerous and alarmingly quick) – but as cold-blooded creatures, the periodic passage of cold fronts and seasonal drop in water temperature makes them a bit sluggish.

You’ll find them in bunches on the canal banks soaking up the sun as best they can when the cold fronts pass through, famously flapping our unfurled flags south.

But are our cold days finally over?

February was a cold one for Florida.

From here on out we’ll be climbing up the rungs of our springtime warming ladder.

Cold fronts will still find there way down the peninsula through April, but they’ll be bringing more “drier air” than real crisp coldness.

So it’s safe to say that our days (or in this case, nights) of chart busting temperature drops are done for this year.

We had one big chart buster this year, in the end of January.

It got so cold in Naples that night (34º F), that the “daily low” data point dropped right off the bottom of my temperature graph (see above).

I was shocked.

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