Florida’s magic number

How is it that 70° F be both:

  • a sign that Florida’s long summer has begun
  • a barometer that a winter day is here?

If your first reaction is:
“that seems like night and day,”

You’re 100 percent correct!

Winter to a south Floridian is “any day” that doesn’t heat up above 70° F.

Summer also uses that same magic number,

Only in its case as a “night-time” low.

The “rule of thumb” for calling the start of south Florida’s summer rainy season is when night-time lows consistently rise above the 70° F mark …

Which is where we are at now.

(Only the rainy season hasn’t started — so much for rules of thumb!)

Compare that to Fargo North Dakota:

Those summer deprived citizens still haven’t felt the mercury rise above 70° F for a single day in May, and just recently had a string of night-time lows in the 30s.

Of course that’s T-Shirt weather for them.

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