Florida’s only fall-less spot?

The panhandle (Tallahassee)
and upper peninsula (Gainesville) are “in” …

But Orlando on south is “still waiting.”

Not that the weather hasn’t been pleasant. It has. The mid day sun here in Naples has reliably dropped out of the 90s and nighttime lows are no longer hovering in the sultry 70s. But it won’t be officially fall – as defined by Morton D. Winsberg’s in his meteorological masterpiece Florida Weather – until average nighttime lows go down the additional step and into the 50s° (i.e., below 60° F).

On average that happens in early November for Orlando, late November for Naples, mid December for Miami …

And never for Key West.

Talk about getting “left out in the warm!”

Does that make the keys Florida’s only fall-less spot?


Last year no, but most years yes:

It isn’t until Thanksgiving that nighttime lows, on average, even start to drop below 70° F!
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