Florida’s only fall-less spot?

Finally, the Dry Season has started and Daylight Savings is done …

But that doesn’t mean fall is here just yet.

The long-term daily average
night time low never drops below 60° F
in Key West, Florida:

Does that mean it doesn’t have a fall?

Yes, the summer rains have come and gone and cypress needles have all turned brown, and yes we’ve even gotten our first “official” cold front of the year, i.e. two consecutive nights with air temperatures below 60° F, and as of yesterday the winter sunsets are back …

But it isn’t until late November that long-term nightly lows drop below 60° F.

The animated map above displays the timing of that arrival peninsula wide.

Tallahassee is first (early October) and Miami last (mid December.)

This chart shows this year (red) at Key West
relative to the 60-year historical stats (blue and gray.)

Does that make Key West Florida’s only fall-less spot?

It’s average daily nighttime low never drops below 60° F.

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