Flu and no cold season

Snow bird season has officially begun.

How do I know?

I look to the sky and see the contrails: a sure sign that the northerners have finally started to arrive.

We call them “snow birds.”

That also means that “cold and flu” season is in the air down here in peninsular Florida.

Last season’s influenza in Florida peaked in February and March, but this year’s peak looks on schedule to arrive a few weeks earlier as reported in a recent article by Jeff Hess of WOKV up in Duval County.

One thing is for sure: it seems that the flu has arrived in full force:

But the other side of the coin – the “cold” has been noticeably missing.

No, I’m not talking about the “runny nose” variety of cold, what I mean is our coveted frontal freshets of crisp northern air variety of cold.

It’s been over 30 days since we’ve felt the nigh-time air temperature dip below 50º F (since early December), and day-time highs have been regularly sneaking above 80º F in that time span.

Which makes me think:

Florida is a winterless retreat for the icebound weary souls from up north. We open our doors to you and our sunshine, knowing full well that along with that hospitality comes the many strains of flu bug from every part of the continent’s blustery bounds.

The only favor we ask in return is that you bring some “cold air” along with you.

Will my plea be answered?

Apparently so.

Cool air is scheduled to arrive by week’s end.

A heart-warming thanks to whomever brought it down … the “cold” that is, not the “flu!”

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