Folks: Here in Jupiter FL we have zero lot zoning…

Folks: Here in Jupiter FL we have zero lot zoning with a very small xeriscaped garden that is watered by IQ water that is part of our base water bill. Our monthly base bill is $18.50 + $4.37 storm sewer + $1-2 for water use in home of 700 – 1300 gallons per month for two of us. It would be less if my wife Liz took Navy showers as I do and showered less than once a day. One way we save some water is to not flush after every use: if it's yellow let it mellow, if ti's brown flush it down. Another way is to use a wet washcloth heated for 40 seconds in the microwave to get a glorious first thing in the morning refresher and cleaner of our face Our bill is ~ $300 per year or $150 per person. This is all feel-good and doesn't help much overall.

Of course the real savings of water in south Florida would be more efficient use of water for agriculture using trickle irrigation and all available best-management practices. And an even bigger waste is dumping water to tide when Lake Okeechobee gets too deep

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