Forensic hydrologist

Can you see the cypress forest?

Probably not, and neither could I.

Sable palm trees are growing where a cypress forest once stood.  Except for the lone cypress on the left.  It is the slanted tree that sort of looks like a flag.

But upon closer inspection:

What looked like a forest of sabal palm was actually hiding a graveyard of cypress trunks at its base. 

The reason? 

A drainage-induced drought and decades of wildfire wiped the cypress out.

Fire resistant cabbage palm (standing)
and the the cypress trees they replaced
(lying on the ground).

Not to worry:

Help is on the way.

This particular patch of over-drained swamp is part of the 55,000 acre Picayune Strand Restoration Project.

Can you see the future cypress forest?

Finally, the end of the fifty year drought is near!

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