Formal definition of “balmy”

Here’s a weather chart that not even the sun here in Naples (as shown in the photo behind it) can heat up. Come to think of it, Florida and Fargo actually see the same sun …

But you know what I mean.

The good news for North Dakotans has been the pleasantly surprising rise of daytime highs just above freezing into the lows 30s.

“You can take the jacket off and actually enjoy being outside,” says Fargo meteorologist Daryl Ritchison, further describing the recent spell of so-called warm air as “balmy.”

Balmy, really?

Balmy isn’t what you get when you can barely melt ice!

Balmy is what you get when you add on another fifty degrees (i.e., raising daytime highs above 80°F) which was the story for Naples, Florida for the first part of February.

But then a cold front broke through Florida this weekend.

That kept daytime highs below 70°F and had the fine citizenry of Naples bundling up in jackets and staying indoors instead.

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