Rangerin’ Campfire
With Singer/Songwriter Bobby Angel

There’s a saying that …

Meteorologists are on the front line of communicating science.

A Bobby Angel campfire event

Well, when it comes to protecting the Great American Outdoors, Park Service Rangers are at the front line of protecting the animals and trees. How so? Whether it’s an issue of visitor safety or an alligator in distress, VRP Rangers (better known as Visitor and Resource Protection Rangers) are the first to know, and the first on scene. If you’re a sabal palm tree feeling all alone — fear not: a park service ranger has your back. And if your a visitor in distress — a VRP is never far away. Bottom line: When it comes to protecting nature and visitors getting a taste of the Great Outdoors, there is no friendlier face or more awesome a responsibility than what a National Park Service Ranger does every day. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being there!


Animals, plants and visitors

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