Front brings wet then “dry”

I awoke yesterday morning to a sultry and strangely bright sky.

Fetching the paper, and looking up, I saw the culprit: Light from the rising sun was held hostage behind a shield of mammatus clouds which – in an eerie yellow glow – amplified the muted light through its billows bulging downward.

(Mammatus clouds are cumulonimbus clouds in reverse.)

Unsure what was going on, I turned to the satellite image when I got into work.

A narrow frontal band was working its way down the peninsula.

The direction of air was deceptive to see from the ground. The clouds gave the impression that everything was flowing in form the southwest, but inspection of the satellite imagery showed the edge of the front was also sliding down from the north.

Despite a blustery display, south Florida only registered a tenth an inch or so of rain. Slightly more fell up peninsula, with even more falling on the mainland in the eastern Carolinas (around 3-4 inches).

After three days of tropical dampness, it felt great to finally be back on the upstream side of another cold front.

This one, actually, is more “dry” than “cold” …

Even if on its leading edge it was wet.

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