“Frozen” slough keeps falling

An Everglades canal froze,

But only slightly so …

By noon it returned to its “native” state – liquid water.

Over in Shark River Slough waters didn’t freeze, but if they had it would have been a novel way – at least momentarily – to stop their decline …

The dry season “rains” have come up short in that regard.

Shark River Slough has now dropped slightly over a foot since its late September peak, placing it only 4 inches above the two-decade low for mid January.

Or in other words, about 2 months drier than normal.

What’s interesting is that right next door – in Big Cypress Swamp – winter rains have put new water into our wetlands, and noticeably so.

The prairies are no longer just soggy – walking through them is a “slog.”

Native liquid state not withstanding, it sure feels “freezing” when your feet are soaked!

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