“Furniture-burning” freeze

Yes, Belgium is cold:

I’ve already noted that “the coldest winter I’ve ever spent (since I’ve moved to south Florida) was a summer in Belgium.”

Not that I minded.

Snowbirds flock to Florida for the winter, but come summer, full time residents migrate the other way, or try to – for as many weeks as can be allowed.

But what about a Belgium winter?

As a rule they are wet, cold, and cloudy … plus, count on more rain than snow.

But deep freezes periodically descend from the arctic, to “furniture burning” effect.

I don’t know that by experience, but rather “second hand:”

The story is that when American troops pushed through eastern Belgium during the Battle of the Bulge, General Dwight D. Eisenhower set up a temporary winter base camp inside this castle.

From a strategic standpoint it was an enviable spot:

High terrain, good views in all directions, and a steep valley to one side.

Had it only a few chords of dry wood it would have been perfect!

Plan “B” would have to suffice instead. Standing, after all, was better than freezing –

And furniture can be replaced.

Special thanks on this day to all our veterans.

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