Ghost plane in the sky

Where does:

  • 60 miles from Miami and
  • 60 more from Naples

put you?

Answer: Oasis Visitor Center

It’s the main visitor center for Big Cypress Nat’l Preserve.

What’s the shortest distance between two points?

That would be the Tamiami Trail.

Tamiami is an abbreviated conjugation of Tampa-Miami,

But how did Oasis get its name?

Probably because it’s in the “middle of nowhere,”

And more than likely:

Back in the day (circa 1970) – before it was a visitor center and had a “real life” cargo plane secured to its roof – it served as a welcome spot of dry ground for a thirsty soul to get a drink and fill up on gas and possibly find something to eat in an endless stretch of sopping wet swamp land and glades that straddles both coasts.

I wonder what ever happened to that cargo plane?

There’s a photo of it somewhere.

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