Ghosts of Canals Never Built

Sometimes the best part of a plan are the features that get left out.

The highlighted areas on the map show major water works of the Central & South Florida (C&SFL) Project that got left behind on the drawing room floor. That’s a good thing. The result is undisturbed wetland where there would have been canals, levees, and water control structures instead.

  • Who needs a pump station (S-L47) when Mullet Slough is perfectly capable of free flowing it into Water Conservation Area 3 all by itself?
  • And who needs a S-329 and S-328 structures Lostmans, Middle, East, and Shark River Slough can handle the water instead?

The truth about plans is that they are rarely built as originally spec’ed out, especially when the time horizon to complete them is 25 years out (the C&SFL Project ran from 1948 to 1975), nor do they work out exactly as planned, plus the inevitable outfall of dealing with unintended consequences.

Next thing you know a new plan is in the works to fix it all …

This time for good.

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