Ghouls of the gulf

Turns out our coastal waters are also haunted by a Halloween ghost.

Actually lots of them;

And even worse: they sting!

Early fall is jelly fish season in Florida.

You can’t see them in the water, but when they touch you with their tentacles there’s no question they are there.

It’s a wincing pain if you’re an adult, for a child – count on crying.

The good news here in southwest Florida is that we don’t get the Portuguese Man o’ War, which apparently they do over on the east coast.

(Yet another reason to live on the left hand side of the peninsula!)

These ghosts are little less scary so long as you have a stock pile of the antidote on hand, or rather in a bottle, which in this case is vinegar.

It soothes the sting immediately when you pour it over.

A beached jelly fish is fairly harmless.

Just watch your step.

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