Glades made easy like never before

Tired of muddling through the data?

Here’s a new data portal for tracking water depths and gate flows in the Glades.

No, not this.  Scroll down to see the data portal.

All your favorite individual stations (i.e., Site 65, P33, S-11s) are colored in blue.

Click on the alphanumeric labels to view the 3-year hydrographs. Stations were carefully selected to include only those that go back to at least 1993. That’s the cutoff point (i.e., 1993-2010) I used to construct the historical statistics shown on each hydrograph – thus making them comparable to each other one to the next.

Each hydrograph is plotted relative to “water depth” as measured from the slough – or as is the case in the Big Cypress, pond apple – floor.

If you’re too tired to click through all the stations:

Regulatory stage readings are colored in red. They provide the guidance for how the gates are operated.

The yellow-colored Big Cypress Swamp, Everglades and Lake give you easy to read multi-parameter charts instead, although these may take a few moments to fully digest.

Site 1-7 hydrographSite 1-8T hydrographSite 1-9 hydrographSite 2-17 hydrographSite 2-19 hydrographSite 62 hydrographSite 63 hydrographSite 64 hydrographSite 65 hydrographSite 71 hydrographSite NE2 hydrographSite NE1 hydrographSite G3273 hydrographAngels hydrographNP206 hydrographNP44 hydrographP37 hydrographP33 hydrographP36 hydrographP35 hydrographNP205 hydrographP34 hydrographBCA10 hydrographLOOP1 hydrographLOOP2 hydrographBCA11 hydrographBCA6 hydrographBCA5 hydrographL28Gap hydrographSite 1-7 historySite 1-8T historySite 1-9 historySite 2-17 historySite 2-19 historySite 62 historySite 63 historySite 64 historySite 65 historySite 71 historySite NE2 historySite NE1 historySite G3273 historyAngels historyNP206 historyNP44 historyP37 historyP33 historyP36 historyP35 historyNP205 historyP34 historyBCA10 historyLOOP1 historyLOOP2 historyBCA11 historyBCA6 historyBCA5 historyL28Gap historyS-10s hydrographS-11s hydrographS-12s hydrographS-12A hydrographS-12B hydrographS-12C hydrographS-12D hydrographL28 (S344+S343s) hydrographL29 Culverts hydrographTrail (Monroe Sta. to 40 MB) hydrographS-10s historyS-11s historyS-12s historyS-12A historyS-12B historyS-12C historyS-12D historyL28 (S344+S343s) historyL29 Culverts historyTrail (Monroe Sta. to 40 MB) historyWCA1 hydrographWCA2 hydrographWCA3 hydrographWCA1 hydrographWCA2 hydrographWCA3 hydrographLake cheat sheetGlades cheat sheetSwamp cheat sheet

Or if you really want to dive in deep:

Click on the circles below each station label to see a display of the full period of record, plotted up in easy to read calendar style. Color coding of these “calendar” charts matches up with the major vegetation types for the Glades, and in the in case of the Big Cypress stations on the left-hand side of the map, the swamp.

Example of easy-to-read “calendar chart”

This data portal is updated weekly and there for you whenever you need it:

Just click on the Glades Tab at the top of the journal to view.

How could it possibly get any better?

Coming soon: Full compatibility with your favorite mobile device.

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