Go Water Cycle!

Football season is here!

Is it possible to root for our watersheds with the same fervor as we follow our home team?

After all, the water cycle is “in play” every day of the week, not just Sundays (or Saturdays if you’re a college football fan). And no need to fret when the season finally ends! The water cycle flows on and on and on for a full 12 months.

And if you are a fantasy football or historical “statistics” buff, the watershed is full of “numbers” too.

You can track the rise and fall of Lake Okeechobee, or water depths in the glades, and sheetflow in the swamp, rainfall, temperature and tidal data too, all hot off the press as it comes in, for comparison to previous months or years (even decades) and if you are so motivated to also go out and see it for yourself in a boat, a buggy, an airboat, a canoe, or just in your boots which will probably get wet through and through.

Getting up and out in your watershed is no spectator sport!

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