Goldilocks waterway

How does the Goldilocks principle apply to Turner River?

Water stage has to be “just right” to canoe its full 9-mile length (from its swamp forest pools to Chokolosee Island.

If it’s “too high” the mangrove tunnels go underwater.

If it’s “too low” the channel becomes too shallow.

Either one will prevent you from making a paddle of it.

That makes November through January your best bet for running the full river, although parts of October and February are also in “just right” window most years.

Where’s the Turner River today?

I’m sad to report that just a few weeks back (toward the end of February), it dropped into “too low” territory.

But no worries, it should bounce back into “just right” territory with the onset of the summer rains in June … at least hydrologically speaking that is.

Regardless, your best bet is to take a rain check until the fall.
Why’s that?

In a word (spelled out letter by letter):

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