Grammatically correct use of winter

Florida’s coldest three months of the year are nearing an end.

So how did Naples, Florida fare?

This bar chart shows the percentage of winter days, from 1970 to present, in which daytime high temperatures in Naples, Florida equaled or exceeded 80° F.

Let’s just say not so cold:

Slightly over 50 percent of the daytime high temperatures rose into the 80s, so far this winter, for the period that runs from December through February. While that may seem warm at first glance, it’s actually pretty close to normal for Florida’s southern tip.  The long-term average (since 1970) is 45 percent and even during Naples coldest winters (2008-2011) we can count on one in four days rising at or above 80° F.  The warmest winters on record occurred in 1971-1972 and 1974-1975 when three out of four days in December, January and February rose into the 80s.

That’s more proof that winter the noun doesn’t exist in Naples.

But winter the verb does.

As in the sentence: “Snow birds winter (the verb) in Naples to avoid winter (the noun) up north.”

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