Great post. I had time to read the post back to No…

Great post. I had time to read the post back to Nov 1. All terrific with interesting information and great photos. I’ll be back to read some of the earlier posts.

I have added you to my “Check it Out – Some Favorites” sidebar blog roll.

I also subscribe to the Audubon Environmental Newsletter. Florida and Texas have a lot in common.

We have some great Rivers in Texas, from the Rio Grande in the West to the Sabine in the East and the Red and Canadian in the north. Of course they all empty into the Gulf of Mexico. Since we live in Ft. Worth, one of our favorites is the Trinity.

Thanks for the visit,
Troy and Martha

PS: I hope you get to visit the “Big Thicket” in late Spring. Its astounding.

PPS: Only in recent year have we come to understand the importance of Coastal Marshes, Wetlands, Bogs, Complex Watershed such as in Florida both here and abroad. Keep up the good work.

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