Great video below I enjoyed it too. It is very int…

Great video below I enjoyed it too. It is very interesting to find out more about your sources and reserves. I did not know they were from man made adventures to get more or less water. In St. Louis I visited the water and sewer treatment plants as a kid and remember them well. both come from and are released into the rivers. I know one of the sewer plants is on the Missouri and I believe Mississippi is or was the water plant. But St Charles is from Missouri river too. I just have a bit of a problem knowing this information. I know they clean up the water before it is released. It would be great if you did come to Mo one day. You would love the Lake of the Ozarks but water quality is questionable now. Allot of E. coli has been found in a number of coves. But they claim it is safe levels for swimming and fishing. Until lately I never gave much thought to things like this. But now I feel concern. The more knowledge I gain the less confidence I have in the environment as a whole. I have a video on my myspace page under videos link of the water starting to flood at our house before spring and a visit to a trout hatchery. If you would like to see them.
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