Greatest show on earth?

Is the water cycle the greatest show on earth?

Other attractions may win out when it comes to glamour and glitz, but don’t forget too that they usually come with a price.

The water cycle is free.

Or else lure you in with the promise of big prizes.

But isn’t it the case that a day or week or so after winning them we’re back to feeling same (and wanting more)?

What the water cycle delivers is equally reliable and unpredictable all in the same.

Season after season and year after year, it’s there for you like an old friend with a rhythm you know by heart but with subtleties that never cease to surprise.

It’s around you everywhere you look.

Even better still:

The water cycle never leaves town.

Compare that to this “fly by night” carnival:

Here for one weekend, gone for the next fifty one.

Not to worry (although a long time to wait):

Same time next year it’ll be back.

Until then maybe hop a ride on the water cycle …

It’s here all fifty two!

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