Groundhog day spun upside down

January is on average the coldest part of the year.

But just a few days later comes Groundhog Day which means warming is on the way.

Florida has Groundhog Day:
Only it’s Labor Day and reversed instead.

Of course it’s been warm all winter long in Florida — especially this year — so it doesn’t really count. It isn’t the depth of the winter that necessarily rattles northerner’s bones, rather it’s the long duration that trips them up at the end.

They call it the spring blues.

Spring time blues usually don’t strike until March or April as a result of the warm weather not quite breaking through thus miring the fine citizenry of New England, the northern Great Plains and the Finger Lakes into a moribund melancholia that only a warm dose of summer could shake free.

Our equivalent on the south peninsula is the fall funk.

Continental spring blues follow Groundhog Day …
Similarly the fall funk follows Labor Day on the peninsula

The fall funk invades a Floridians psyche in the weeks following Labor Day, i.e. the traditional portal into crisp autumn air on the continent, when hot and humid weather shows no sign of letting up, sinking us into a swampy malaise that only a strong cold front could hope to shake free.

Thus, south Florida does have a Groundhog Day …

Only it’s the complete opposite and Labor Day instead.

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