Groundhog still stuck in winter grind

The groundhog saw his shadow …

So that means an early end to winter, right?

High and low temperature bands (as running 7-day average)
for Naples Florida and Boston Massachusetts

Not so fast.

Up on the Continent, the temperature chart has a long multi-month “climb out of the cold weather” in front of it. Along the way, many of its residents – especially if you live way up north along the Canadian Line (i.e., New England, Wisconsin,and the Dakotas) – will endure a spell(s) of what is arguably its most brutal bought:

Some people call it Cabin Fever, but I remember it as the Spring Blues, instead.

Spring Blues for me was a time of worn-out weariness with a winter grown old wondering when, if ever, the cold and wet and gray weather would ever end. March and April are its peak months.

It stays green all year round in south Florida

Of course, people on the Florida Peninsula don’t suffer from that affliction.

This past week or two with temperatures topping out in the mid 80s we sort of think nostalgically about the return of cold weather instead.

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