Gulp! Sinkhole swallows car

Watch where you park in Tampa!

A sinkhole opened up and swallowed a car whole, gas and all. The good news is that nobody was inside. The bad news is that sinkholes are shortcuts to the water table and in this case, a drinking water well is pretty close by.

The culprit?

My guess is overpumping from the record Eleven Day Freeze in January. Florida’s limestone aquifer has interconnecting Swiss Cheese caverns which fish can swim in and minus enough water, can collapse under the weight of the crust of land above. Or other causes could have been involved.

Not to worry down in Big Cypress Swamp.

We’re sinkhole free, almost — except for Deep Lake (and one or two others). Rumor has it on occasion saltwater tarpon have been spotted swimming in it. Sort of strange considering it’s 9 miles inland upstream from the coast.

Maybe the aquifer under the swamp isn’t so solid after all?

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