How big is 5 million barrels?

In the event you are on summer vacation …

And out, say, swimming in the gulf – which I’m happy to report water clarity to be clear at Naples Beach other than some floating algae – or basking in the local 660,000 gallon Olympic-sized swimming pool, the number is 322 …

Or about 24,000 of the local backyard variety.

Or if you are out taking in the sights around New York City, imagine a glass the size of the Empire State Building filled with oil to the 25th floor …

Or about a quarter high.

Or if per chance you are out at a baseball game or visiting Fenway Park, the answer is about a full fair play’s worth (2 acres) of oil to the height of the Green Monster (37.5 ft) for every inning of the game.

The good news is the well is plugged.

That means no extra innings!

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