Gustav and Hanna

Static Satellite image of atmospheric water vapor in Atlantic when Gustav was “turning corner” around Florida Peninsula into the gulf. .Courtesy of NOAA National Hurricane Centerof the National Weather Service.

We’re getting rain right now in southwest Florida, from the outer reaches of Hurricane Gustav.
We just got back from the beach. Tides were extraordinarily low: that may have also been a result of Gustav. The counter-clockwise air current is pushing water out into the gulf to the west, and also possibly bringing colder water and air behind it. The water seemed colder anyhow — swimming in it; but that may have been from all the cloud cover.
The gulf waters were also very calm. There were barely any waves and the water surface out to the horizon was very smooth.

Friends in East Texas said they were evacuating to San Antonio.
Photo was taken about a mile north of Naples Pier, looking north.

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