Happy Florida Groundhog Day!

Ahh, Labor Day is here!

That means the end of the summer, right?

Can you see the giant groundhog?

Unfortunately, the answer in south Florida is – no.

We have about six weeks of summer (or wet season) to go which makes Labor Day more reminiscent of Florida’s version of Groundhog Day instead.

Let me explain:

True Groundhog Day, in the continental sense, is celebrated on February 2nd, to mark the mid point of celestial winter which, as you can see from the chart below, marks the low temperature ebb of the winter after which temperatures slowly, but surely, begin to rise.

But it takes a long time to get warm, sunny and green and although we can agree that the darkest hour is always before the dawn, isn’t it always the case that it is in the fleeting days of winter’s last grasp, in that twinkle of a twilight of winter leaden clouds covering the sky one last time that, inevitably, the dreaded spring blues strike?

But we don’t get off Scott free:

Half a year later we succumb to the “fall funk” instead.

This graph compares south Florida’s
annual air temperature cycle
to the continent’s

The peninsular “fall funk” is a well documented affliction during which the psyche of us Floridians finally starts to crack amid the unending daytime heat, nighttime humidity, increasing tropical activity and perhaps worse of all, knowing that up north our continental cousins are relishing the crisp, cool and carefree days of fall …

Probably enjoying the latest in fall fashions, too!

But what if, by chance, the Florida Groundhog doesn’t see his shadow by merit of a tropical depression passes through?

Could that portend an early end of summer?

This chart shows this year’s
weekly rain totals for The Big Cypress:

Last week was our biggest yet.

Answer: I wouldn’t count on it.

It isn’t until Columbus Day, mid October, that south Florida’s average night time lows drop below 70° F and not until Thanksgiving that average daytime highs drop below 80° F.


The summer wet season has about six week left,

But the “fall funk” season has only just begun.

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