Happy new water year!

May marks the beginning of a new water year in south Florida.

It’s the month when the skies open up for the start of a new wet season, but it’s also the month when we can typically expect to see our “low water” mark for the year.

The meteorological transition between dry and wet seasons is like flipping a switch:

From one week to the next cloudless blue skies give way to giant cumulonimbus clouds rising across the horizon,

But landscape wise, the rise out of the dry season ashes is slower.

That makes late May and most of June our soaking in season.

As for the rest of the US, the water year is already long in the tooth – over a half year old – as it begins anew each year up on the continent in October.

Why October?

It coincides with the continent’s late-summer and fall “low water” season, which is better known as “peak” leaf season on the piedmont plateau of northern Maryland where the photo shown below was taken.

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